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試合前から、パンチを打つにも肩と肘、蹴りを出すにも足の甲とヒザが痛くて、試合終わってからろくに練習してなかったんですが( ´ー`;)




・・・すると!ちょっと足の向きを直して集中するところを変えると、ストレートも重くなったし、無理なくコンビネーションが出るようになった!v(゜∀゜ )v

ダメなとこが分かって今日は修正できたんで、明日はその型を忘れないようにみっちりやりますぞm9(゜∀゜ )

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READ MORE Greg and Sam's beautiful wedding video We've been looking forward to this video for a long time.
Liri’s 40m clear-span Big Tent at the Harbin Beer Festival
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We do not just rely on the old stand by inventory to support our clients.
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A stunning and timeless wedding day.
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A week before we moved to Singapore we said farewell to our friends who still live in the city.
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Thank you not only for your professionalism but also your adaptability and friendly approach to the tasks in hand.
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(Obviously, I expected it since I know ‘.
5 years ago I never thought I would be where I am today.
Wedding tents can be a blessing in disguise and are designed to give you options that you thought were not possible…
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Set in the back blocks of Pukekohe on a lush green lawn (that was re grassed just for the wedding) two awesome famillies celebrated Greg and Sam's big day in style.
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They had a church service followed by a marquee garden reception which they decorated to perfection.
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